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My name is Katy, I’m the founder and designer of RINDU based on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. I used to work in the hospitality business with my husband, back in Belgium, where we both are originally from. It was during our honeymoon in Indonesia that I fell in love with the culture and their traditional craftsmanship. What began from a place of intrigue and admiration developed throughout the years and has since become my livelihood. In 2006, I started designing my first pieces of jewellery handcrafted by talented local artisans and marked the creation of RINDU. Two years later in Paris, I introduced my collection to international professional buyers and I would have never imagined my designs would be sold worldwide.


Everyone is longing for that unique item. And when I travelled to Indonesia on my own, I missed not having my husband by my side.


Slowing down and taking your time means making better decisions. When I started creating Rindu Must-Have collection, it was important for me to take a slower, more sustainable approach. That's why Rindu collections are now on a pre-order basis. That means we only make items to order that you definitely want and that you will cherish for as long as you want them.



I am committed to supporting local craftspeople and maintaining their artisan techniques by offering unique designs made in a socially responsible way. I believe in the value of their work and  the objects they create carry within them all those lovely, subtle nuances lost in modern production.

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My customers are creative-minded people, who want to stand out and look like herself/himself, not the masses. They have a sense of adventure about what they wear, and although fashion is important to them, they are too busy enjoying life to be governed by the latest trends. They know that the mark of true luxury lies in the dedication to process, material and design as they create a timeless aesthetic.



I consider the stories that will be created when my customers wear my jewellery. I believe that the value of each piece of jewellery only increases with time as they capture and preserve the story of their use. And my aim is to ensure these stories are rich in narrative making them worthy of your time and attention.



Latest addition to the Rindu family, the Must-Haves range has become another way for me to contribute to a more sustainable world, as it should be. I love to share how our products can be ethically made and durable without having to compromise on functionality, nor creativity.



I was introduced to digital craft through local artists and it immediately inspired me as an amazing medium to create unique jewellery. Besides the endless creative possibilities, it is made of an ecological bio-plastic compound produced from corn starch translating into all the items being both renewable and recyclable. For this initial collection, I chose to work with architectural shapes that can add smart structuring lines to your outfits.

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