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“A handmade piece is an artwork demonstrating a superior level of skill passed from generation to generation. 

My aim is to create a community that loves to support traditional manufacture without compromising on quality or sophistication”      

The RINDU story



Hello, welcome to RINDU,

So glad you're taking the time to get to know me and my brand.

I am Katy, originally from Belgium, founder and designer of Rindu. 

I had been working in the hospitality business for years but ever since my husband and I came on honeymoon in 2000 to Indonesia, I fell in love not only with their culture but also admired their craftsmanship.  We came back yearly and visited different Indonesian islands and in 2006 I started designing, working together with local craftsmen and thus created my own brand.

Rindu means longing for or feeling homesick; 2 meanings that translated my brand perfectly.  Every person longs for some unique jewellery and needless to say that, when I travelled to Indonesia on my own, I felt a bit homesick not having my husband with me.

2 years later I introduced my brand to international professional buyers in Paris.  I could never have expected they would feel so excited about my designs and so this was the start of Rindu being sold worldwide.

When people ask me how I would describe my brand, I'd say that Rindu celebrates uniqueness and self-expression while merging design and fashion with true craftsmanship, which results in relevant limited-edition pieces that are not just trend driven, but have the potential and quality to become favorite pieces.

I design rather timeless wearable jewellery - beautiful items which emphasizes someones personality.


My intention is to revive time consuming hand made artisanal techniques and bring fashionable statement jewellery.  Every design is uniquely handmade without exploiting people! 

I find it important to stay in contact with my customers and to get their feedback.  This way I understand their needs better and I can offer them the best service possible.

​Last but not least, since 2013 my husband and I work and live on the beautiful island Bali in Indonesia for the largest part of the year.  Now how cool is that !


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